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What's your favourite things about courtney and matthew? (in detail please) :D



First of all the chemistry they have together - not just in FRIENDS but also IRL. You can just see it fits, I guess that’s why I started shipping them in the first place. :p

Courteney: She is SUCH a nice and adorable person. I have never read or seen anything about her being rude to people or such. The people I know who met her said that she always took her time with fans and that she is incredibly sweet. And then, ofc, her style and her body - I mean, wow.

Matthew: He’s just so funny. I know, that is like what EVERYONE says but it’s totally my kind of humour - he constantly cracks me up. And well, I just have a little crush on him, i don’t even know why. Probably because I find him so funny and adorable and just afjdsjfk.

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