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Ummm.. WOW. I have honestly never had any hate message on this...


Ummm.. WOW. I have honestly never had any hate message on this blog but thanks for being the first one. Looks like you have some growing-up to do.

First of all, it is obvious that she uses/used botox. I love her and adore her, she is my role model, in that tag I just stated what I think is true - and what she knows herself. She’s an actress and to me she’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen - she still is but it makes me sad that she (obviously?) has issues with aging and does this to herself.
Second of all, whhyyyyy on earth would I tell her on twitter??! She’s 47 years old and is capable of making her OWN decisions - she can do whatever she wants. Got nothing to do with ‘having balls’, jeez.
Third of all, I love Matty and CC equally (I might obsess about him a tad more cos he’s a guy and I obviously have a thing for him) - and I guesssssss it’s different cos he doesn’t use botox? Errr… whatever.

And last but not least, he CARES about Courteney. More than you think. And that’s just my ten cents but BECAUSE he cares he keeps a distance.

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