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How do get Matthew Perry to notice my tweet, some people tweet him once and he replies :( btw love your blog xox


Yeah, he’s a dickhead. Haha, no, I actually love him!

Umm.. I wish I could help you, but I have no clue. First of all - he usually doesn’t really tweet people. Lately he’s been RTing a lot of people so he has changed a bit..

I notice that he does tweet one or two people in particular (which bugs me a bit cos they are actually spammers, but don’t get me started on all this bullsh*t :P).

Anywaaaay, I think it’s important to try to get into his mind - tweet him stuff that he’s into at that moment or that you think he might answer cos it’s in his interest. Being witty sometimes helps, too!

That can be different things - like a year ago he was into this artist so I asked him sth about her and he replied, or a while back it was sports (LA Kings) so people who were lucky and tweeted him about that got a reply, right now I’d say it’s mainly his show cos he tries to promote it… It’s stupid, really. He’s not as sweet as CC on twitter which is too bad. :/

GOOD LUCK and Thank you!! :D

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